Tankless NOT "Maintenance-less"

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Some people are under the misconception that tankless water heaters equals maintenance free water heaters.  This couldn't be farther from the truth. Just because there is no tank does not mean you can install' em and forget'em. Everything in your home requires some level of maintenance, this includes your tankless water heater.

As water is heated a chemical reaction  takes place which will leave mineral deposits and lime scale to attach to the copper piping in your water heater. This constricts the water flow through your water heater and copper piping.  Like a traditional (Tank) water heater water scale buildup can cause a significant loss in heat transfer. In fact just a 1/32" of buildup in the heating element of your tankless water heater can reduce the heating capacity by 30%. this will directly affect the cost to operate this equipment. It may cause your hot water heater to operate erratically. 

Most tankless water heater manufactures recommend that you have your water heater descaled about every 12 months. DESCALING, sounds like a big expensive job doesn't it. Well in fact this is actually a job any homeowner can perform themselves. With about an initial cost of $175.00 in parts from your local hardware store you can accomplish this task in about 20 minutes (run time excluded).  It consists of nothing more than pumping vinegar through your water heater. After your initial investment for you equipment each cleaning will cost you around $10.00 per year. If your up for the task we have included a to a kit you can purchase from Amazon.com or you can build your own from scratch. Also there is a link to a youtube video that will walk you through the process. 

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